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Modern Dining

I had to sit through a 3-hour meeting this morning and at the end I was “rewarded” with a catered lunch from a new, fast casual salad joint up the street. The first thing I noticed is that the price tag was 12 bucks (for a freaking salad).

I kid you not, and exaggerate not, that I’ve seen my exact meal from today served to a horse in a huge troth. 95% lettuce with about 50 grams of minced low-quality meat; just enough to give the meal the minimum amount of “real food” smell that convinces the horse to eat it. They throw in a tomato or maybe a few radishes to provide a bit more juice to the experience. If I had known back then that what I witnessed in small town central Europe in 1990 could be fed to humans at 12 dollars a pop, I’d be slamming mid-day cocktails on my own private island as we speak. Some mixture of people with too much money and people that are too sedentary is blindly buying horse food on a regular basis at these wanna-be Chipotle salad joints. And the line is out the door. What a fucking disgrace. I might have mentioned this before but I’ll say it again: In many countries and cultures, if you serve a guest lettuce it would be considered offensive - like you don’t want to “waste” your real food on them.

12 Dollars for some guy to disrespect you to your face. And these idiots keep coming back. Good Gosh! What a killer business model!

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