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About 5 minutes ago I realized the farce I was in. Stoned and drunk at 1 AM, elderly dog snoring and farting, I dug deep into my soul to find out what would really nourish my spirit. The answer came so instantaneously that it eliminated any doubts as to its veracity.

“I must watch reruns of Martin”

I found the whole series on Hulu available for purchase. After a trip down memory lane in which I reviewed all 5 seasons, I settled on season 2. This is right when the show started finding its groove and getting famous.

5 minutes into episode 1 and reality crashed the party. I don’t have my own Hulu membership, we actually password share with my father-in-law.

I mean, what is this man to think tomorrow morning? He’ll check his email and see the one from 4 AM Eastern: A $23.99 bill for Martin Season 2.

I think he is too polite to say anything. I won’t either. I may just mail him a check for 25 bucks. In the “for” section on the bottom left I’ll just write. “Wuzzzzzuuuuuup!”

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